A multi-year legal battle over the ability to distribute computer models of gun parts and replicate them in 3D printers has ended in defeat for government authorities who sought to prevent the practice. Cody Wilson, the gunmaker and free speech advocate behind the lawsuit, now intends to expand his operations, providing printable gun blueprints to all who desire them.

Source: Court victory legalizes 3D-printable gun blueprints | TechCrunch

This section describes how we obtained the first-ever packet captures (PCAPs) of nation-state spyware injection, and how we matched the characteristics of the spyware injection to Sandvine PacketLogic devices.

Source: BAD TRAFFIC: Sandvine’s PacketLogic Devices Used to Deploy Government Spyware in Turkey and Redirect Egyptian Users to Affiliate Ads?

Free speech > Equality?

Forcing a baker to provide a wedding cake for a same-sex marriage over her religious objections violates her right to free speech, a California judge has ruled.

Source: A wedding cake is an ‘artistic expression’ that a baker may deny to a same-sex couple, Calif. judge rules – The Washington Post